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Dear Creator

Thanks so much for taking some time to read my letter to get a better feel for things I like and don't like. This is my general info, but more specifics of what I'm looking for are usually included with my prompts during sign-up. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an anon ask on tumblr, reach out to mods, or contact my BFF FoxInBoots who knows 100% of what I like and will never steer you wrong.

For any ships which contain OCs I'm always okay with receiving fics and art with your own OCS, default characters, or my own OCs. The choice is yours. When requesting OCs, I usually link to relevant info for them on the AO3 request!

I'm also never set on any prompts listed in or provided with my sign-up; they're only there to help you get started if you're having trouble. I welcome anything not on my DNWs!

Happy creating!

Do Not Wants

Do Not Wants

DNW to Receive Under Any Circumstances

General: Character/Reader (or Second Person), character bashing, non-canonical major character death, abuse (mental, emotional, or physical).

AUs: AUs where everyone is human or where there is no magic (or at least some type of abilities. I'm okay if... for example magic is swapped for Biotics or psychic abilities or something). Anything too rooted in the real world. It doesn't bother me for a WWII AU to mention actual battles or real world cities, but if that's happening I wanna hear about how mages are being used instead of infantry and medics are called healers... if that makes sense. Omegaverse.

Tropes: genderbending, racebending, mpreg, cheating, forced relationships (including coercion; arranged marriages are okay), forced pregnancy, anything that focuses too much on "breeding" as an ultimate goal.

Smut/Kinks: noncon (consensual non-consent okay), dubcon with alcohol/drug use (i.e. they get drunk and have sex without consent being established ahead of time. dub-con due to secrets/hidden identities is fine.), adult/minor, fisting, bodily waste products (blood play is fine), sounding, incest, humiliation (impact play or other punishments are okay, but verbal humiliation is not okay), ageplay (DD/lg), raceplay, A/B/O (knotting okay), tentacles, other monsters than those in my likes, oviposition, vore, bestiality.

Specific Ships/Characters: Please avoid these ships, even as side mentions: Colemance, Sera/Adaar, Sera/Lavellan.
Please do not focus on the following characters (casual mentions & minor appearances are okay): Aveline, Isabela.
Character Specific DNW: Please do not nickname Anders "Andy".

Conditional DNWs

Please proceed cautiously with the below tropes/topics. In some circumstances these things are fine, but in others they bother me. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via anon ask. I can always talk about things that bother/squick/trigger me without issues.

Tranquil Mage, Red Lyrium Corruption: Both of these particularly if done as punishment or only to explore the angst inflicted on other characters; I'm okay if it ends in a happy ending or the person is somehow cured of Tranquility/Corruption. I'm also okay to see canonically Tranquil/Corrupted characters or to have Tranquil/Corrupted characters play a part in a fic. (i.e. you can write about Redcliffe's red lyrium future, or Samson, but please don't "punish" a character who isn't corrupted with red lyrium in canon by giving them red lyrium.)

Invasion of Privacy: Invasion of privacy as a joke/to embarrass someone or to "catch" someone cheating always bother me, as does parents snooping on their children; however, accidental instances or investigations of legitimate concerns don't bother me. Examples of okay: accidentally seeing a text message, email, bit of a journal entry because it's there, investigating someone's past because you suspect they're a spy/putting people in danger. Not okay: breaking into someone's phone because you think they're cheating, accessing someone's email to find out who they're dating, reading someone's journal to find out who they were with because they aren't "allowed" to be friends with someone.