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Obsidian is free personal wiki or knowledge bank (think OneNote, Evernote, or Google Keep) where you can store reference information, organize your life, or just take notes.

What I'm Using It For

  • Language Learning: Swedish

    • Obsidian allows you to spell check with multiple languages, which makes it ideal for language learning or for people who are multilingual and take notes in various languages. No longer will you be plagued by the dreaded red squiggle because your spellchecker is English when you're typing in Swedish.
  • Coding Notes

    • Obsidian uses markdown and handles codeblocks very easily.
  • Shared Notebook: Writing & Projects

    • I have a lot of projects and several of them I share with other people. Obsidian Vaults can be stored on gDrive or OneDrive to share with other people. Note: It is not designed to work this way and this is a hack. You do have to be careful not to override notes by making sure you're working on different documents.

What I Don't Use It For

  • Mobile Notes
    • I currently have an iPhone and Obsidian is beholden to iCloud on iPhone. For some reason, iCloud won't initialize on my laptop. I've resorted to using Scrivener for mobile notetaking, since it allows you to copy as markdown. This allows me to manually sync with Obsidian later on my laptop.