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Media Timeline

Link: Media Timeline

General Info

Hosted on AO3, this project is a very rough chronological order for all Dragon Age media. It was born out of my desire to consume all the side media (books, comics, videos, etc) in one year in chronological order. When I decided to plan my attempt, I couldn't find a single source which listed when all of the media took place.

I first compiled a table in a gDocs file and eventually moved it to AO3, where there's been a major clean up of the google provided CSS and code.

The timeline includes my best guesses for when the media takes place. All titles that can be are linked to the Dragon Age Wiki, which provides plot summaries, and additional information about the media.


Where possible, sources are linked to for media purchase, viewing, or download. Certain media may have limitations for what source information I can provide. Where various retailers may offer or offerings may be limited by region, I've left the source blank so as to not show favor to any specific retailer and to prevent issues with regional distributors.

Below is more information on potential media sources!

  • Books

    Paperbacks are published by Tor Publishing in North America and Titan Publishing in the UK. Dark Horse has also published deluxe hardback editions of all of the novels. Tevinter Nights (a collection of short stories) is currently excluded from the deluxe edition prints. The books are only available in English, but should be able to be purchased from most major bookstores and retailers. Comic book stores may also be able to order the deluxe editions for you.

  • Short Stories

    Several short stories have been provided by Bioware for free. The short stories from DA:I forward are currently available both official Bioware sites and the Dragon Age Wiki, whereas the DA2 short stories are currently only on the wiki.

    I have compiled the short stories as eBooks for easier reading. Old copies are available for download on my Google Drive. I'm currently working on re-typsetting and formatting these in various fonts. More info coming soon!

  • Comics

    Comics are published by Dark Horse comics in multiple formats and collections. The media timeline includes a link to the Dark Horse digital's full page for the compiled arc, rather than individual issues.

  • Web Comics

    Two short web comics were published by Penny Arcade and are still available for free on their website.

  • Movie

    Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker aka Doragon Eiji Buraddo Meiji no Seisen is a Japanese anime, currently available for streaming in the US on Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. Physical copies are also available on DVD and BluRay.

  • TV Show

    Dragon Age: Absolution is a TV series available for viewing on Netflix.

  • Web Series

    Two web series have been produced so far. Both are currently still available on YouTube. Links are in the media timeline. Dragon Age: Redemption is also available on DVD.


There are a number of free medias including games, short stories, and web series, listed above. The Media Timeline marks all free entries with a checkmark.


I've been attempting to archive the free DA media to the Internet Archive as much as possible between other projects (see Dragon Age Archives). If something has an archive link, it's provided in case the other link goes dead or missing, with the hopes that the Media Timeline will be usable well into the future.