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Dragon Age Archives

Link: Dragon Age Archives

The Dragon Age Archives are a project where I attempt to archive free Bioware-official media related to Dragon Age on the Internet Archive. The hope is that by archiving resources to Internet Archive, the fandom will be able to retain access to freebies even if social media sites fold or official sites are deleted or support is removed.

The archive does not include fanworks or projects, unless those projects are efforts to preserve official content.

Not all media was uploaded by myself. I do also favorite DA media uploaded by other users which fits the above inclusion criteria, which adds it to the archive. If you've uploaded items or found items which should be added, feel free to let me know!

RSS Feed

In addition to just visiting the link to browse the collection when you want to, you can also follow the DA Archive RSS feed. Just copy this link and add the address to your favorite RSS reader.

Don't know about RSS? Check out my tutorial here.