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My Resources

This section of my site focuses on the resources I've created or am offering to the DA fandom. This main index will link to resources that are not complex enough to require their own page. For more complex projects/efforts, they've received their own dedicated pages in the sidebar.

  • Dragon Age Art Refs

    • Currently hosted on Google Drive (until I can find a better option), this is a collection of screenshots from all three games organized by character or location. I add to it every playthrough I complete. Artists are welcome to use these screenshots for any purpose - even to create samples for commission sheets, etc.

      If you create art using refs of my OCs, please let me know about it! I don't need a link back, but please do not claim my OCs as your own. It is okay to list them as generic "Inquisitor Trevelyan", for example, if you don't want to mention me directly.