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Adding More Than One Creator

On AO3, works can be shared between more than one Creator to reflect that a work was a collaboration.

Before You Begin

Decide who will post the work. All other creators should make sure their preferences are set correctly. Head to "My Preferences" and be sure that Allow others to invite me to be a co-creator. is checked.

Posting The Work

  1. Go to New Work as normal.

  2. Under Preface, after you add the title, check Add co-creators.

  3. Type in the username you want to add. The username should pop-up for you. Click it to add. Repeat this step as many times as needed.

  1. Once you post as a Draft OR post as a live work, co-creators will be emailed to confirm.

  2. Co-creators should follow the instructions in the email to accept being added.