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  • Built using Docusaurus.

    But enig, you say, Docusaurus isn't for personal webpages. Not only do I say, Why not? to that but also You can't stop me. I'm a baby coder and not quite ready to build my entire environment from scratch, and Docusaurus gives me a basic tool to beat into submission into what I want. It comes with the fancy code I can use to self-host a blog and a personal knowledge bank while I mess around trying to learn Javascript and React. It's a win/win!

  • Hosted by netlify.

Color Schemes

  • Inpired by Catpuccin. I'm using colors from Latte for light mode and Macchiato for dark mode.



Badges & Buttons

Cool Packages & Components

These packages and components have all been added to the base Docusaurus to do something cool. They should all be compatible with Docusaurus and other React-based frameworks (at the very least). Check 'em out.

  • docusaurus-plugin-image-zoom

    Allows you to zoom into standalone images lightbox-style in the Digital Garden and resources section of the site.

  • lightGallery

    Image Gallery used for Owned Ships page.

  • React Icons

    There's... there's so many icons here. All the icons, ready to use for react projects. Primarily used for social and other icons on pages and in sections.

  • React Spoiler Tag

    Used to create clickable spoiler text. Used on my exchange letter and author's note to talk kink so people can view the page in a setting where they wouldn't be able to normally.