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Minor Updates & Major Experimentation

· 2 min read

A few weeks ago, I added some new sections to my old "Vault" section and updated the name to "Digital Garden" to more align with the philosophy that was guiding it. In the process I rearranged things a bit and tried out defining custom slugs, but I missed a few pages.

It was a quick job, mosly because I needed to get some quick AO3 tutorials posted for a project I was working on somewhere I could continue to reuse them.

Today, I fixed the slugs I missed. On the backend, I also re-ordered my CSS to make more sense and actually commented it so that people other than me might know what's happening. I added some CSS for fancy blockquotes and inline notes, which I took from other sites I'd worked on last year.

I hopefully also managed to fix the settings on Netlify CMS so this entry will post with a correct slug, which I definitely got incorrect on my last blog entry. If this is correct, then my next step with Netlify CMS will be to see if I can force it to work with pages the way I want it to.

A couple of months ago I also played around with backing up my mastodon feed here, but I'm not settled on if I want to do that or not. I did get something styled the way I want, but I've been questioning whether I think of mastodon as an ephemeral communication or something long-term and I haven't decided where I've landed. for now, I think I'll keep grabbing my rss feed every once in a while as I try to decide what I want to do.