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New Host, ID Verification, & Nav Changes

· 3 min read

Whew. I've been a busy bee. In the last week or so, I've done some major updates to things around here. First, I created an Author's Note to use for my AO3 works. It's something I've been debating on for a while, but basically, I wanted to be able to update ONE place, rather than having to update all the works I've ever published in case my social media changes.

Ironically, I did this last Saturday, before Elon Musk tried to explode twitter, so the potential benefits were reaped almost immediately.

However, in order for this to be as beneficial as I wanted, I realized I might eventually move off neocities, if only because I will likely want to add some more complex services to the site eventually - like forms. I was enticed (pretty easily), by Netlify's form service, as well as Netlify CMS. I've been looking for an easy way to update my blog without having to break out VSCode, and I think I found it. I haven't set CMS up yet, but it's been filed as an issue on my github.

So, a few days ago, I purchase a domain and a few days after that moved my hosting to Netlify. But I didn't stop there.

The Author's Note page also made me realize I didn't like my navigation system. The more I wrote on it the more I wished I could add jumplinks and the more frustrated I was that I couldn't find somewhere to generate them that made sense. I grumbled in frustration at moble, screeched in horror at all of my design attempts and finally settled on removing the sidebar and putting all my main navigation, including my social links, in the top bar on desktop/hamburger menu on mobile.

I'm not super happy with this solution, as I think it moves me back toward the default docuaruaus layout, rather than the customized one I had before, but a better solutions hasn't presented itself.

I have plans to add a jumplinks component, for really long pages (I'm looking at you Exchange Letter), but I'm still in the planning stages; yet another issue that's been filed on the github.

I also joined a Mastodon instance, and their verificaion uses XFN's rel="me" approach to verifying identity. So I added a link to my Mastodon and updated all of my social links to include this property. Adding the reference on all of my profiles is on my to do list.

Lastly, I completed the following list of minor updates:

  • Updated this blog to include descriptive titles
  • updated all references to neocities to my domain
  • created a redirect on my neocities to the domain
  • various CSS tweaks to streamlin styling
  • updates to pages to reflect new information (i.e. change in host, etc)
  • removed as many twitter references as I could, in case the site goes down (i.e. linking to my commission artist's kofi instead of her twitter.)