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· 2 min read

I just did a small update to the site. While working on BobaBoard volunteer docs someone asked if we could have the sidebars uncollapsed by default, and I discovered that we could, so I decided to do the same here in my Sections.

Earlier this week, I also noticed that the catppuccin style guide had changed some to define a specific link color, so I updated my color scheme to support the blue link color. I have to say, I do prefer it overall.

But most importantly, when I went to update this log, I realized that my first major update to the site after switching to Docusaurus was done almost a year ago. I've actually consistently been updating and maintaining a personal website for a whole year! It's amazing what using the right tools can do for you!

I've been thinking about the future of the site, and I'd like to keep the following goals in mind:

  • Getting out of Docusaurus.

    It's served me well, but I should really move to something where I have more control.

  • Adding more content.

    Instead of waiting forever to update some content, I need to focus more on getting stuff in here, even if it isn't perfect.

  • Nailing down a good CMS.

    Related to the above goal, if I want to start using my site more, I definitely need to make it quicker to get some content into. Trying out another CMS (or mastering Decap) might be the key.

  • Improving Accessibility.

    I really need to focus on upping my alt text game and making sure that my site remains accessible even as I move to other tools.

  • Adding More Integrations.

    I'd love to focus on giving people one place to visit to catch up with me, track me down, or see what I'm up to, rather than spreading everything across multiple accounts. I'm not sure how to go about this yet, but I've definitely been thinking about it!

And that's it, a brief look at what I've done today and what I plan on doing more of!