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Make It Kawaii

· 3 min read

I've actually done two major updates since the last update log. The first made some tweaks to Netlify CMS (now Decap CMS) and updated some CSS.

Decap CMS

  • Updated config to work with pages (I think).
  • Styled backend with CSS so that it's not so blinding to use.

CSS Updates (Round 1)

While I was working on a Stylus UserCSS for another site, I realized that my site was using a different text color than the Catpuccin style guide allowed for on the dark theme. I decided to remedy that and that sent me down a rabbit hole.

  • Updated text and header colors.
  • Added colors for strong and em tags
  • Added a plugin for images lightbox.

I also updated frontmatter on all pages (in an attempt to work better with the CMS), but I'm still running into some issues with the CMS set-up where page titles/labels aren't showing. I'm very tempted to throw out this CMS and try with a different one.

And then came the Make It Kawaii edition.

Between these two updates I added a tutorial to my Digital Garden, and when I came back to finish updates to it, my ADD went into overdrive. It's so rare that I manage to have inspiration to make something cute that I went with it.

CSS Updates (Round 2)

  • updated header colors to have a rainbow across levels
  • updated title to rainbow gradientstyled HRs with a cute heart image
  • [fix] top bar no longer renders different on docs section! (I was applying a CSS tweak incorrectly)
  • cleaned up styling on summary and details tags
  • [fix] corrected incorrect warning and error colors (I accidentally deleted these during the tutorial update)

Layout & Content Updates

  • updated top bar navigation
  • added badges and buttons
  • removed twitter link
  • added socials section
  • updated credits
  • [fix] corrected docs with incorrect header levels (apparently, I had several H1s that should have been H2s and couldn't tell until I change the colors).

The overall look is a much cuter and quirky site invoking old school sites but using new tech. Next up on my list:

  • Attempting to add an updates module to my landing page linking to this blog
  • FORMS - I want to add a form to my author's note page
  • About Me page
  • Webrings?
  • Continue Decap CMS experimentation (maybe)