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Halloween 2023 Deco

· 2 min read

For the first time ever, Fandom Coders decided to host a themed Personal Website Club day, where we decorated our websites for spooky/Halloween and Fall (or Spring for Southern Hemisphere). It was actually my idea, so of course, I participated.

I didn't do a full theme update, but I did add some Halloween elements. You can find screenshots of the updates and resources below the Read More...



  • CSS Spider by ApeWare - Codepen

    Codepen is a great resource for code snippets, and I found this little animated spider while looking for Halloween themed pens. I edited it slightly by making the web black (it worked better for my light theme that way). Since it was fairly large and animated, I made sure to hide it on smaller mobile screens and for those who prefer reduced motion.

  • Header Pumpkin Graphic by Rosemary

    I stumbled on this website looking for graphic resources on neocities. The adorable pumpkin had to make its way into my site design.

  • Header Font: Ghastly Panic by Sinister Fonts - DaFont

  • HR Divider Image

    I added a cute little HR divider image of ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. I did use photopea to create a no motion version for visitors who use reduced motion settings.

  • Witch's Hat by Freepik

    You might have notice I added a poorly photoshopped on witch hat to my mascot who hangs out in the bottom corner. I also changed up the colors to match my mascot's outfit a little better. The link above is where you can find the vector image.

  • Boo Cursor

    And last but not least, I've added a custom Mario Bros Boo cursor. The cursors above had to be converted to pngs before they'd work in browser, but that was relatively easy to do!

I might continue adding spoopy season things throughout October as I go. This was a ton of fun!